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Window Cleaning
King Squeegee provides professional residential window cleaning services to homeowners throughout the Lake Norman and North Charlotte area.  We offer homeowners detailed and thorough cleaning of all windows, sills, and screens,
All King Sqeegee employees are insured and are covered by workers compensation.  We use proven high quality products and equipment to ensure your residential cleaning needs are met with care and excellence. 
Clean windows brighten the appearance of a home, and allow you to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor surroundings from inside.

Pressure Cleaning
Proper maintenance is essential to maintain the value of your home. With proper maintenance, your home will continually grow in value while being a source of enjoyment for you and your family. Homeowners are often unable to find the time to take care of all the maintenance around the home.  King Squeegee provides pressure cleaning services that include a low pressure house wash, pressure cleaning driveways, sidewalks, decks, docks, porches and patios. King Squeegee provides cleaning services to homeowners who wish to restore and protect the investment of their home.

Gutter Cleaning
King Squeegee offers gutter cleaning services to remove the debris from your gutters.  Gutters debris is bagged and hauled off.  We also use safety equipment that protects the exterior of your home and gutters. 
Maintaing clean gutters is essential to proper water drainage away from the foundation of your home.  The gutters also limit the amount of water that drains down the side of your home.  Clogged gutters can also cause problems to the structure of your home leading to premature wood rot, improper erosion of the soil around the foundation of your home, and other problems.  


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